SonoView shows traces but HypoLine not

Probably the trace and channel names of the header are not in the schema SxC SZ, SxC SE, SxC SN, SxW SZ, SxN SZ, SxE SZ where x is a number between 1-9. If you have no SNS station architecture try to create copies of existing traces and name them accordingly.
Another problem can be that the individual traces are too short or too early in time (timestamp near 0 in header.sht which corresponds to 1970). Either try to fill up the data to longer chunks by zeroes or change the start time to a higher value after the year 1980.

NanoseismicSuite / SeisServ is not starting

Delete the seisserv.xml in the userdirectory - nanoseismicsuite - seisserv (Linux: home directory - .nanoseismicsuite) or check the most recent log file under Program Files - NanoseismicSuite - log

Error when loading header file

Be sure to have no spaces in the directory path where the data is in. If you need a directory with spaces you can manually edit the header and replace the absolute path with a relative like e.g. .\data if the data is in a subfolder data under where the header file is.

Data is not available in supported CSS format

The software can import MiniSEED, SEG-Y and Lennartz M24 data directly from the Load Data dialog. Converters for other formats into MiniSEED can be found e.g. at IRIS:

Strange behaviour with protocol entries and hypoprot.txt is not in tmp Folder

HypoLine tries at startup to create the tmp Folder in the data directory if it does not already exist. If it exists it tests if it has write permissions there. If one of those two fails, the tmp folder is set to C:\ or the Application Data directory (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore). Normally write permissions are available in the data directory and everything is fine but with Windows Vista and 7 if HypoLine runs in the 32 bit compatibility mode the rights management behaves different which forces HypoLine to use one tmp directory for all datasets. This can lead e.g. to protocol entries of old campaigns showing up in new campaigns or other problems related to protocol entries. To prevent this, copy the protfile.txt in e.g. C:\ to the data_directoy\tmp\.

Master event moving with ALTGR (CTLR+ALT) + arrow keys does flip screen

The graphics card driver is listening on these keyboard shortcuts, to disable the behaviour, follow this path:
Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Display → Screen Resolution → Advanced Settings → Graphics Driver
and disable them.

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