Interactive program for earthquake location at near, local, and regional distances.

Excerpt from the documentation: HypoLine is an interactive program for earthquake location at near, local, and regional distances. It is especially suited to process sparse information from 6 traces of a "Seismic Navigating System" (SNS) made up by 3 vertical geophones in a small aperture, equilateral triangle, and a three-component instrument in the center. HypoLine does so by displaying all parameters and location constraints in maps with "hypolines", i.e., circles for tS-tP, hyperbola for any P onset pairs (and a half-space layer model), or beams by array steering. The complete suite of displays is constantly updated after any parameter or onset change, thus presenting the location constraints as kind of virtual reality while the user is "walking" through parameter space. Of course, hypolines depend on depth and model, e.g., circles shrink with increasing depth, and hyperbola degrade to complex curves for multi-layer models showing discrete steps from the cross over of refracted waves. In addition to this data-driven mode which proceeds from observation to result, you can place and move solutions anywhere in parameter space, and always get the simulated observations updated.

The new version of HypoLine running also on 32/64 bit systems is packaged in the NanoseismicSuite package.

A package of the old version of HypoLine, SonoDet, MatchNet, documentation and commented sets of Sample Data is in the download

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