Collection of Java and C applications to analyse (large) seismic datasets for weak events.

Depending on the operating system you have, different install files can be used. All downloads are available on

The documentation is available on the Manual page.

Microsoft Windows

An installer is available for Microsoft Windows. Setup_with_data.exe contains the NanoseismicSuite with a small example dataset of the Heumoes Slope in Austria with three SNS and 2 hours of data. Setup.exe contains just the applications.

Most of the suite is written in the Java programming language. The installer also includes an Java installer which can be used if no Java is installed yet (Java 1.5 or newer is supported).

Linux and Mac OS

For Linux we provide the zip file Java version 1.5 or later needs to be installed. The zip file needs to be extracted and contains a bash script to start the application. Otherwise the java jar file apploader.jar can also be started directly with java -jar apploader.jar.

All modules are written in Java which is well supported on Linux and Mac OS.

The example dataset which is included in Setup_with_data.exe of the windows installer is avalable in

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