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Mini-array equipment

On this site we provide information on the seismic measurement technique of Nanoseismic Monitoring and the software NanoseismicSuite including SeisServ, SonoView, TraceView and HypoLine which we develop at the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Stuttgart.


From 17 to 19 of August 2015 we organize another Workshop2015.

In May 2013 we organized our workshop for Nanoseismic Monitoring: Workshop2013.

The slides from the workshop of February 2012 are available from Workshop2012.


For questions, please see the documentation or FAQs or consult the developers Benjamin Sick or Manfred Joswig.

Mailing list

A mailing list for news on the software exists, to subscribe please go to ‚Äč

First steps

You find the concept description of nanoseismic monitoring in two articles under Literature, some background knowledge of referenced publications in Further Reading, the program details in the documentation part of the software NanoseismicSuite, and a demo of SNS field installation in Applications.


The download and installation instructions of the software can be found at NanoseismicSuite.

NanoseismicSuite Software Tutorial


Many questions are answered in the Manual or the FAQs.



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