Nanoseismic Monitoring Workshop 2013

Dear colleague,

I'm happy to inform you on our planned Compact Course on Nanoseismic Monitoring which we will perform between 15th and 17th of May 2013. Details of the announcement are given in short time.

We will organize this workshop as a follow-up for the basic course given last year (and all the years before). The focus now will be on advanced processing methods that were not covered before, and that partially were developed recently by some of my co-workers. Thus we encourage all interested participants of previous courses to apply again. Dependent on your request we can offer the option to start the course with an additional introduction on basic principles, i.e., a short repition of previous lectures at 14th of May 2013.

In the new course material

  • we introduce the basic concepts of visual screening to seek for the unexpected, previously unkown events, and to identify the ensemble of noise signals (forensic seismcology)
  • we elaborate on the Master Event technique in HypoLine to localize similar events relative to each other with high precision
  • we explain the new options for subsurface station processing, and shed light to the effects of depth constraints for event location
  • we present our research results of slidequake discovery at the Heumös creeping landslide (Austria) and the Super Sauze mudflow (France)

To do so, we have planned hands-on exercises of the supplied software tools on your own laptops with data subsets from both landslide monitoring campaigns which we present in a short introduction.

You are invited to join our courses, or to send interested students. Please contact Benjamin Sick at benjamin.sick [at] to arrange for details.

Best regards,

Manfred Joswig

How to get to our institute

The workshop will take place directly in our institute, the address and how to get there can be found here:

Accomodation during the workshop

You have to organize accomodation by yourself, a good website to make hotel bookings is e.g.

Food during the workshop

We will have coffee and snacks for a small service charge. For lunch, participants are welcome to walk with us to the local canteen of the university on their own cost.

Depending on the weather, we will organize a BBQ at the institute on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon after the official program.


introduction (optional part)

  • Tue., 14.05.13 14-18 h Intro to Nanoseismic Monitoring (1) - Schwaderer / Blascheck
    • field installation, data handling, first screening
  • Wed., 15.05.13 09-13 h Intro to Nanoseismic Monitoring (2) - Blascheck / Schwaderer

main part for advanced topics

  • Thu., 16.05.13 09-13 h Location constrains and depth determination - Eisermann
    • 3D extension of hypolines, ambiguity versus uncertainty in event location
  • Thu., 16.05.13 14-18 h Master event relocation - Joswig
    • clustering, location precision, relative magnitudes
  • Fri., 17.05.13 09-13 h Application of NM to landslide monitoring - Walter / Schwaderer
    • slide quake detection, rockslide monitoring

Reading material

To get already informed, you can find the slides of the workshop from last year here: Workshop

More material is available in Literature or Further Reading.

Workshop resources

You can find the software and the example data here:

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